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Daniel T. Geherin, board-certified attorney and author of The Michigan Drunk Driving and Driver's License Restoration Handbook, has dedicated his career to helping put drivers back on the road following a license revocation. Dan is recognized as a license appeals specialist throughout Michigan.



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Recent License Appeal Victories


The following is a list of recent license appeal hearing successes achieved by the Geherin Law Group, PLLC. To protect client identities, only the case number of the appeal is used.

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Meet Dan Geherin and learn the ins and outs of driver's license restortation in Michigan.



Mr. Geherin is very knowledgeable in license restoration. After my appeal, it seemed he has done this often and has a professional relationship with most hearing officers. With that being said he knows how each one acts and what types of questions each one asks. This is very helpful in preparing for your hearing. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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Please call our office at 734-263-2780 for a free telephone consultation. We will learn a little about your case, and if you are indeed eligible, we will discuss the next steps. We may ask you to obtain a copy of your Master Driving Record prior to officially agreeing to take on your case. Once retained, we will mail you a packet of information and begin working immediately on restoring your license. Daniel T. Geherin | Attorney AVVO 100+ Reviews DANIEL T. GEHERIN ATTORNEY Best Driver's License Restoration Attorney Ann Arbor | Geherin Law Group, PLLC Restore a Revoked Driver's License in Michigan | Geherin Law Group, PLLC Meet Dan Geherin Will My License Be Suspended Following a DUI in Michigan? |

About Us


The Geherin Law Group, PLLC handles over 50 license appeals hearings each year, on average. And, we post our successful results on this website so that potential clients can see that we truly do specialize—and excel—in license cases. Our firm's founder, Daniel T. Geherin, has been specializing in license cases for 20+years.

Daniel T. Geherin


Mr. Geherin is member of the Federal Bar Association and the Washtenaw County Bar Association, where he is the past Chairperson of the Criminal Law Section.



Geherin Law Group, PLLC, represents individuals throughout the state of Michigan in license reinstatement cases. If your license has been taken away, contact us today.

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Learn more about license reistatement in Michigan with these helpful articles. What Is An Ignition Interlock Device And Will I Need To Install One? Driving While License Revoked: The Vicious Circle. Where Will My License Appeal Hearing Take Place?

What is a "Restricted" License in Michigan?


For those Michigan drivers who have been suspended or revoked due to criminal/drunk driving conviction(s), they face a long road (no pun intended) to ever getting back on the road lawfully. Dealing with a lost driver’s license in Michigan can be tough. Daniel T. Geherin has been a license appeals specialist for over 20 years.

The Judge Wants Me Monitored For Alcohol Consumption: What Are My Options?


Do you have questions about your rights and responsibilities when being tested for alcohol? You want Michigan License Lawyer on your side, specializing in driver’s license reinstatement, OWI charges, and license appeals in Michigan.

What Is a Tamper/ Circumvent Violation?


If you have received a Major Violation notice, please call us immediately. After all, the process of license reinstatement in Michigan is difficult enough!

Impact of Emergency Closure on Driver’s License Restoration in Michigan


Secretary of State offices have closed during COVID-19 and may remain closed for the immediate future. This hits especially hard for those already in the process of driver’s license restoration in Michigan.

Options After Being Denied At A Michigan Driver's License Appeals Hearing


For a dedicated, experienced and successful license appeals attorney anywhere in Southeastern Michigan, please contact Dan Geherin and his team

Obtaining/Reviewing Your “Master Driving Record” in Michigan


Need drivers license restoration in Michigan? The Michigan Secretary of State—like any governmental agency—has a lot of “red tape” and “grey guidelines” for how and when a suspended or revoked driver can seek restoration of privileges.

License Reinstatement: What Happens If I Refuse A Breath Or Blood Test Following A DUI Arrest In Ann Arbor?


For 20+ years, Attorney Dan Geherin has helped clients who have refused a breath or blood test following a DUI Arrest in and around Ann Arbor.

How Can I Live Without A Driver’s License? Consult With A Recognized Driver’s License Reinstatement Specialist


One of the “forgotten” consequences of a criminal case is the possible effect on a person’s driver’s license. After all, even an arrestfor a DUI can lead to a lengthy license suspension.

Lost Drivers License In Michigan? Consult With The Experts At


Our name,, says it all. For 20+ years, Attorney Daniel T. Geherin has been a Michigan driver’s license restoration specialist. Dan has been recognized by his peers as an expert in MI driver’s license restoration cases.

This Is Why You Need A Licensing Lawyer In Ann Arbor


Licensing lawyers–those who handle driver’s license appeals and reinstatements—are few and far between. Look online, and you will only find a handful of licensing lawyers in Ann Arbor who even attempt to handle this very specialized area of practice.

The Key Law Governing Michigan Driver's License Reinstatement


A person’s Michigan Driver’s License might be restricted or suspended for various reasons, including point-accumulation, poor driving and conviction of some criminal/traffic offenses.

Driver's License Reinstatement Ann Arbor, Michigan


In Michigan, there’s a major difference between a driver’s license that’s been suspended, and a license that’s been REVOKED.

How Do Michigan Attorneys Measure "Success Rate" In Driver’s License Reinstatement Appeals?


For the last 20+ years, Attorney Daniel T. Geherin, owner of, has dedicated his career to helping put drivers back on the road following a license suspension or revocation.

Where Will My License Appeal Hearing Take Place?


A revoked driver’s license will remain revoked until or unless the driver successfully appeals the revocation to the Michigan Secretary of State or Circuit Court. For most drivers, this process is completely unknown and difficult to navigate.

Have Michigan Driver’s License Appeals Hearing Questions?


Put bluntly, the Michigan Driver’s License Appeals Process is complicated and confusing. People who have lost their Michigan Driver’s License due to drunk driving convictions, breath tests refusals, medical reasons or even point accumulation often search for answers on how to restore their license and about the license appeals hearing process.

8 Steps To Restoring Your Revoked License


When a person has his driving privileges REVOKED, he often feels lost, overwhelmed and pessimistic. After all, how can a person get/keep meaningful employment without a license?

How Does An Out-Of-State Resident Remove A Michigan Driver’s License "Hold"?


Many former Michigan residents packed up and moved when the economic recession of 2008 hit. Many people continue to leave Michigan, especially after having their driver’s license revoked due to repeat OWI or other criminal convictions.

Geherin Law Group Notches 27 Michigan License Appeal Victories This Year Already!


Daniel T. Geherin, owner of Geherin Law Group PLLC ( and, fights for clients daily who’ve lost their license to drive in Michigan.

Driving While License Revoked: The Vicious Circle


When a Michigan driver has his license revoked—typically after a repeat drunk driving conviction—he has no privileges whatsoever. And, he must apply to have the license reinstated through the Michigan Secretary of State, which is often a confusing, time-consuming and expensive endeavor.

Leaving The Scene Of An Accident In Michigan


In Michigan, Leaving the Scene of an Accident statutes punish people who are involved in an accident who do not stop and provide the required information to the other driver or most proximate police department.

What Criminal Charges Have Driver's License Consequences?


Daniel T. Geherin, attorney and owner of the Geherin Law Group in Ann Arbor, is a criminal defense attorney and driver’s license appeals specialist.

What Is An Ignition Interlock Device And Will I Need To Install One?


An Ignition Interlock (technically known as a “BAIID” for Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device) is a breath alcohol analyzer, with computer logic and an internal memory.

Michigan Drivers License Suspension Law Firm


MICHIGAN DRIVERS LICENSE SUSPENSION LAW FIRM. License restoration is a specialized area of the law in which few lawyers are experienced. Simply look in the telephone book or on the Internet. Only a handful of attorneys even attempt to handle these types of matters.

Driver's License Appeal Process


If you have been convicted of multiple drunk driving or substance abuse offenses, your Michigan license has likely been revoked. This means you must apply for the return of your license and jump through several hoops to have a chance for its return.

Implied Consent / OWI Refusals


If you refuse a police officer's request for a blood or breath test in a drunk driving arrest, your license may be automatically suspended for one year. This is called an Implied Consent refusal, and your prompt response to this allegation is crucial.

Life After OWI


You are arrested for OWI, and it's your second offense within seven years. Or worse yet, you have two prior convictions. In most cases, this means your Michigan driver's license will be REVOKED.

Hardship Licenses / Appeals


One of the most common questions we receive from clients is whether they can simply get a work license following a revocation or suspension that will allow them to commute to and from their job.

Ignition Interlocks


The use of breath alcohol ignition interlock devices (BAIID) is gaining favor throughout the country and throughout Michigan. Often, judges and probation agents will order placement of these devices in drivers' cars.

Other License Suspensions


Even "routine" traffic or driving offenses can drag you into the criminal justice and Department of State systems. Some common situations you may encounter are as follows:

Out of State License Holders


If a person's Michigan license is revoked or suspended, it is likely that any other state will honor this penalty if the person attempts to get a license there. Frequently, people leave Michigan for another state and encounter a denial because of a "hold" from Michigan.

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions about license revocation and reinstatement in Michigan.

DAAD Forms Links


To order your driving record or for more information, visit a local SOS branch or see Substance Abuse Evaluation Form DAAD-66

DUI/OWI Revocation Appeals


DUI/OWI Revocation Appeals. If you have been convicted of multiple drunk driving or substance abuse cases, especially in a short period of time, your Michigan license has likely been revoked. This means you must apply for the reinstatement of your license, and must jump through several “hoops” to have a chance for its return.

Refusal/Implied Consent Suspension Appeals


Refusal/Implied Consent Suspension Appeals Every Michigan driver’s license holder “impliedly consents” to have his/her breath, blood or urine tested upon reasonable request of a peace officer during an OWI investigation. If you refuse a police officer’s request for a chemical test, your license may be automatically suspended for one year.

Circuit Court Legal/Hardship Appeals


Beginning in 1999, a seismic change occurred with respect to driver’s license appeals in Michigan. Prior to then, people could take most license issues directly to their local courthouse, asking a judge to restore, reinstate, modify or override the Secretary of State’s decisions. After 1999, the courts lost most jurisdiction on license appeals cases/issues, leaving only limited avenues for intervention.

Out-Of-State Resident Appeals


If a Michigan license holder is suspended or revoked due to repeat substance abuse convictions or other criminal charges, he/she cannot typically cannot establish a driver’s license in another state. Most often, the other state will deny licensing (or revoke) because of the “hold” placed by the Michigan Secretary of State. So, what does an out-of-state resident do in this situation?

Medical Suspension Appeals


If a Michigan driver suffers from a medical condition that affects his/her ability to drive safely, the Michigan Secretary of State can suspend, restrict or even revoke driving privileges. Typical medical conditions leading to intervention include the following: Epilepsy/seizure disorders; glaucoma/cataracts/eyesight illnesses; hearing loss; physical/dexterity disabilities. Typically, the State finds out about these medical issues from a physician, or from a police officer who has cited the driver or investigated an accident, or even from concerned family members.

License Reexamination Hearings


The Michigan Secretary of State has the legal ability to call in a licensed driver to “re-examine” his/her fitness to drive. Typically, this process---called a Reexamination---occurs when the SOS receives notice that a person is unfit to drive and/or a danger to be on the road.

Ignition Interlock Violations


If a driver has any of the following combination of drunk or drugged driving convictions, Michigan law indicates that he/she is a “Habitual Offender”: Two or more convictions within 7 years; or three or more convictions within 10 years. The Michigan Secretary of State is required to revoke the driver license of a Habitual Offender and deny his or her application for another license.

Best Driver's License Restoration Attorney Ann Arbor | Geherin Law Group, PLLC

Restore a Revoked Driver's License in Michigan | Geherin Law Group, PLLC

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Will My License Be Suspended Following a DUI in Michigan? | Geherin Law Group, PLLC

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