If a person's Michigan license is revoked or suspended, it is likely that any other state will honor this penalty if the person attempts to get a license there. Frequently, people leave Michigan for another state and encounter a denial because of a "hold" from Michigan.

At Geherin Law Group, PLLC, we can help remove this hold and clear a path for you to get a license in your new home state. Attorneys in another other state cannot help, as the problem — and solution — lies in Michigan.

Putting You Back on the Road

Generally, an out-of-state applicant can apply to remove a Michigan hold in one of two ways:

  1. Administrative hearing: This will involve mailing documents to be reviewed by a hearing officer in Lansing. You will not meet with the hearing officer in person.
  2. Live/video hearing: This will require your presence in Michigan, and can be conducted either in person or via an online session.

No matter which path you choose, we strongly encourage and advise applicants to speak to our attorneys before submitting documents and before the appeal. As for an in-state applicant, a loss for an out-of-state resident usually results in a mandatory one-year waiting period before another hearing can be scheduled.

Do not keep waiting to appeal or continue to drive in fear. We are ready to help you now, and can potentially have your Michigan hold removed in three months or less!

Our Out-of-State Driver's License Restoration Lawyers Are Here for You

We have successfully removed "holds" for countless out-of-state residents, stretching from California to Ohio. Let us help you. Do not call an attorney who merely "dabbles" in license restoration or who handles divorce cases. Call a law firm that specializes in restoring licenses for people who need them — in Michigan and throughout the country.

Need a licensing lawyer in Ann Arbor? Contact our Michigan out-of-state license attorneys today at (734) 263-2780 for a free consultation. We accept credit cards and offer evening and weekend hours by appointment.

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