Even "routine" traffic or driving offenses can drag you into the criminal justice and Department of State systems. Some common situations you may encounter are as follows:

  • A routine accident results in a reckless driving citation. You simply pay the ticket. Suddenly, the Department of State informs you that you have lost your driver's license for three months without exemptions for employment or any other purpose.
  • You fail to change lanes when a police officer has someone else pulled over on the side of the road. Instantly, you are pulled over and charged with a misdemeanor, and your license is suspended.
  • You pay a speeding ticket. Your point total grows and the Department of State suspends your right to drive.
  • You bump another car at a mall parking lot and leave. You receive notice in the mail that you have been charged with hit and run and that you will have six points added to your driving record and that your license may be suspended.
  • Your 17-year-old daughter gets three routine civil infractions while on her graduated license; suddenly, she's called into the Department of State for a reexamination hearing and her privileges to drive are suspended.
  • You plead guilty to a felony that has nothing to do with driving, but find out your license has been suspended for one year under a "Motor Vehicle Advisory."

Have You Accumulated Driver's License Points in Ann Arbor or Lost Your Privileges Behind the Wheel? We Can Help

Even if you have lived your whole life crime free and accident free, you might find yourself facing loss of privileges after a simple traffic accident, a routine medical condition or a criminal charge. For years, Geherin Law Group, PLLC, has aided people who find themselves in this horrible situation.

Our attorneys care about your case and will never treat it as trivial or "routine." We understand that many criminal and traffic offenses can have far-reaching consequences on a person's driver's license, so we are committed to helping you avoid penalties wherever possible.

Depending upon the nature of your situation, you may be able to make a case for a hardship license in circuit court or appeal to the Department of State in a re-examination process. Whatever the circumstances, our Michigan license suspension and revocation attorneys can help you assess your options and aid you in making the legal decisions that will best protect your interests.

Call Our Knowledgeable Lawyers at (734) 263-2780 for a Free Consultation

Our lawyers have the knowhow and experience necessary to help you restore your license. We possess an in-depth understanding of restoration procedures and can counsel you on how to best to avoid negative consequences in a criminal case.

Do not make the mistake of appealing your license suspension or revocation on your own. Do you need an attorney for license issues in Ann Arbor? Contact an experienced attorney who can help you navigate evolving state regulations and complicated red tape.

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