Many former Michigan residents packed up and moved when the economic recession of 2008 hit.  Many people continue to leave Michigan, especially after having their driver’s license revoked due to repeat OWI or other criminal convictions.  The thinking and logic work like this:  I can move away from my troubles, and get a license in California, Ohio, Colorado etc. etc.  Unfortunately, that logic and thinking doesn’t always work.  Most often, out-of-state residents cannot get licensed in their new states because of the “hold” placed on them by the Michigan Secretary of State.

Every day, people from all over the country call our firm and ask these questions:

 “What do I have to do to remove my Michigan license hold?”

“Do I have to come back to Michigan to handle this?”

“Do I need an attorney in Michigan for this, or in my new state?”

“Once Michigan removes my hold, will I be able to get a license in my new state?”

Generally, residents from other states must apply to have the “hold”/revocation removed, and that application process goes through the Michigan Secretary of State Administrative Hearing Section (AHS), previously known as the Driver’s Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD).  Again, generally, these residents can choose to either proceed with an Administrative Hearing (where they do not come back to Michigan but instead submit paperwork to AHS), or via a Video/Live Hearing conducted in Michigan.  Under either option, these residents generally will want to consult with a Michigan license appeals attorney, and not one from their new state. 

Daniel T. Geherin, of the Geherin Law Group PLLC ( and, has been a license appeals specialist for over 20 years.  Dan has conducted over 1,000 license reinstatement hearings at DAAD/AHS, and has appeared before every Hearing Judge on multiple occasions.  Day in and day out, he helps out-of-state residents remove the “holds” from their license.  In fact, he has helped reinstate licenses for over 300 clients in the last decade alone!

At retention, Mr. Geherin and his firm will provide clients documents and referrals to begin the process of requesting a reinstatement hearing from out-of-state.  They will answer questions every step of the way; they will carefully review the documents before submission; they will prepare a client before he/she appears before the Hearing Judge at a reinstatement hearing; and they will discuss procedures for Circuit Court appellate remedy where necessary.  Obviously, much of the representation of out-of-staters is done via email, telephone and videoconferencing.  Once/if a client elects to come back to Michigan for a hearing, Dan and his team will meet the client either at his Ann Arbor office, at the hearing location, or both.

Once the Michigan license hold is removed, typically an out-of-state client needs only to pay a reinstatement fee with the Michigan SOS, and then he/she should be able to be licensed in the new home state. 

If you’re an out-of-state resident who has a “hold” on your Michigan driver’s license (i.e., your Michigan privileges have been revoked), please contact Michigan Driver’s License Reinstatement Specialists at the Geherin Law Group (734) 263-2780, or visit the firm online at 

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