Am I even eligible to seek reinstatement of my license?

We would need to review a copy of your Michigan driving record to be certain, but will often know the answer following a free telephone consultation with you.

Do I even need an attorney to help restore my license?

The better question is, "how badly do I need my license?" According to the Department of State's most recently published statistics (2005), the Driver's Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) denied more than 50 percent of all people who sought restoration of their license after it was revoked due to multiple drunk driving convictions.

We have dedicated our careers to helping people in the courtroom with criminal cases and in the Department of State with license restoration. The process of appealing to the Department of State is complicated and frustrating. Before you set off on this process alone and without guidance, call the law firm of Geherin Law Group, PLLC. The consultation is free, and our representation may just mean the difference between driving again and waiting another year for a hearing.

How can you help?

We have the forms. We have the outlines. We have the passion. We have a network of professionals with whom we work on license appeals every day. We have experience with each hearing judge in the state of Michigan. We have a proven and lengthy track record of success.

Does your firm charge for a consultation?

No. We offer a complimentary consultation over the phone or in our office.

How much might I expect to pay for representation?

We typically quote a fixed-fee driver's license appeal case services, and we offer an installment plan. We offer reduced fees to students and military personnel. We accept all major credit cards. We will detail our fees during the free consultation, and every client will review and sign a detailed and clear fee agreement upon retention.

Are your attorneys experienced in driver's license restoration?

Yes. Our attorneys have handled numerous license restoration appeals at the Department of State DAAD since 1999. On average, we handle two to three appeal hearings per month, and take on approximately 45 new license restoration clients per year. Our attorneys are widely recognized as specialists in this area, and have written publications and presented training to other lawyers on the topic of driver's license restoration.

What is your rate of success at driver's license appeals?

Since we began tracking results in mid-2008, we have restored more than 100 driver's licenses for in-state and out-of-state applicants. This places our success rate at well over 90 percent in that timeframe.

I live in another state. Can you help me clear my hold in Michigan?

Yes. If a person's Michigan license is revoked or suspended, it is likely that any other state will honor this penalty if the person attempts to get a license there. Frequently, people leave Michigan for another state and encounter a denial because of a "hold" from Michigan.

We can help remove this hold and clear a path for you to get a license in your new home state. Attorneys in the other state cannot help, as the problem — and solution — lies in Michigan. We have helped hundreds of out-of-state applicants remove their holds in Michigan and get a license in their new home state.

When should I retain an attorney to help with my license appeal?

Hiring an attorney should be one of the first choices you make. Figuring out which forms are required and where to begin is tough enough. Unrepresented people often say or do the wrong thing at a hearing or submit negative or improper evidence, thereby diminishing their chances at future hearings for years and years. People who attempt to navigate the course on their own also often use therapists who are inexperienced and generate negative reports to DAAD.

Should I hire an attorney near my home for a license appeal?

Unlike criminal cases, where knowledge of local procedures and experience with local personnel clearly matters, driver's license appeal hearings are conducted in select locations throughout the state and are presided over by the same set of hearing officers from various locations — no matter where your hearing takes place.

Your hearing may be scheduled close to your home, close to your attorney's office or somewhere in between. The key to success is that your attorney understands the system, knows the hearing officers and is willing to work diligently in preparing you for the hearing.

At Geherin Law Group, PLLC, our attorneys appear at hearing locations statewide, have practiced before every hearing officer and always conduct multiple preparation sessions with clients, often on the phone from the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

How will I know what forms need to be provided to the Department of State?

We will guide you every step of the way. A paralegal who handles these cases will be assigned to your file upon retention, and will mail or e-mail you a packet of information with outlines, referral information, etc. One of the firm's attorneys will be available at all times to assist you and to review your documents, and will then schedule office or telephone preparation sessions leading up to the hearing.

Will you be with me at the actual hearing?

Of course! We will thoroughly prepare you and other witnesses for the hearing, and will be right next to you fighting for the return of your license. The hearing officer may grant you a full license or a restricted license with the use of an ignition interlock, or may deny your driving privileges. We will explain the ramifications of these decisions prior to the hearing and thereafter.

I lost my appeal at the Department of State. Can you help me now?

Maybe. We may be able to file a circuit court appeal challenging the Department of State's decision, or even a motion for reconsideration with DAAD. However, we will only take on such an appeal if we honestly and legitimately believe you have a good chance of success.

I am interested in hiring your firm. What's the first step?

Please call our office at (734) 263-2780 for a free telephone consultation. We will learn a little about your case, and if you are indeed eligible, we will discuss the next steps. We may ask you to obtain a copy of your driving record prior to officially agreeing to take on your case. Once retained, we will mail you a packet of information and begin working immediately on restoring your license.

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