When a Michigan driver has his license revoked—typically after a repeat drunk driving conviction—he has no privileges whatsoever. And, he must apply to have the license reinstated through the Michigan Secretary of State, which is often a confusing, time-consuming and expensive endeavor.  So, what do many Michigan revoked drivers continue to do: DRIVE WHILE LICENSE REVOKED. 

A significant percentage of people who have had their privileges revoked continue to drive, and continue to get pulled over and arrested/cited for driving while revoked. They then enter what Dan refers to as “The Vicious Circle.” Why? Because each time a revoked driver is cited for driving without privileges, the Michigan Secretary of State matches the previous period of revocation (called a “like-kind revocation”) and “piggy-backs” that time on top of their eligibility. 

As such, drivers who have been revoked for a minimum of one year who get caught driving suddenly must wait two years before seeking restoration. Those who have been revoked for a minimum of five years (usually following an OWI 3rd Offense) who get caught driving must wait ten years before seeking restoration. And, “the vicious circle” continues, adding a “like” period each time. As a result, we have met clients who are not eligible for restoration for 20-30 years!

Attorney Daniel T. Geherin, owner of MiLicenseLawyer.com and author of The Michigan Drunk Driving and Driver’s License Restoration Handbook, has dedicated his career to helping put drivers back on the road following a license suspension or revocation. He is recognized as a license appeals specialist in Ann Arbor and throughout Michigan. He has won license appeals hearings throughout the State, and boasts a 98% success rate in winning license appeals.  In the last 10 years alone, he has helped put hundreds of clients back on the road lawfully and legally. And, to prove that these results are legitimate, he even posts the case numbers of successful appeals on his website (MiLicenseLawyer.com) so that potential clients can see his extensive success. 

Each day, Dan takes calls from clients who are charged with Driving While License Revoked, and are facing “The Vicious Circle.”  They ask these questions:

“What are the courtroom consequences for Driving While License Revoked?” 

“Is there any way to defend this charge and prevent the “like” revocation?”

“When will I be eligible to seek restoration of my license and end the “vicious circle?”

Driving While License Revoked First Offense is a misdemeanor offense carrying with it the possibility of 93 days in jail.  While most judges do not impose jail on these offenses—especially for first-offenses—some judges grow fed up with this offense and do jail offenders who should not be on the road.  Second Offenses carry up to one year in jail, and injuring/killing another while revoked is a felony offense. 

Unless the driver truly did not receive notice of the revocation, or the traffic stop was improper, there aren’t many available defenses for these charges.  And, even if the charge is negotiated to a lesser offense (say, No Operator’s License on Person), the charge still gets abstracted to the Michigan Secretary of State and causes the like-revocation. 

To determine when a client is truly eligible for restoration, Dan and his team will ask the client to get a copy of her Master Driving Record at a Michigan Secretary of State Branch Office.  Then, they’ll form a plan on how/when to form a plan to restore that license and break “The Vicious Circle.”

For a dedicated, experienced and successful license appeals attorney in Michigan, please contact Dan Geherin and his team at MiLicenseAttorney.com.  We’re available 24/7, we know the process inside and out, and we’ll fight zealously to restore your license.  For more information, visit us at MiLicenseAttorney.com, or call 24/7 (734) 263-2780. 

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