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Need a Hardship Appeal For Your Driver’s License Reinstatement in MI?

Michigan drivers who have lost their Driver’s License because of drunk driving convictions, breath tests refusals, medical reasons or even point accumulation often search for answers on how to restore their license.  At the very least, they most often want to know if they can at least get a “work license.”  Invariably, they stumble across something on the internet about “Hardship Appeals,” and they want to know if they qualify:

  • “What is a hardship appeal?”
  • “How/when/where do I apply for a hardship appeal?”
  • “What will this hardship license allow me to do?”

In Michigan, a person whose license has been suspended — not revoked —can often file an Equitable Appeal seeking judicial relief (commonly known as a “hardship” appeal).  Suspensions have a definite start and end date, whereas revocations are typically indefinite.  And, some suspensions do not allow for an Equitable Appeal, such as those that arise from an OWI or criminal conviction.   Rather, equitable/hardship appeals are typically only allowed where the suspension arose from a medical issue, point accumulation, or a chemical test refusal. 

Equitable/hardship appeals are generally filed in the driver’s registered County of Residence Circuit Court.  For chemical test refusals (called Implied Consent suspensions), these appeals are filed in the County of arrest.  Either way, the person must actually file a civil lawsuit against the Secretary of State, pay a civil filing fee ($175 on average), and properly serve the representatives for the SOS (either the Attorney General or County Prosecutor, depending upon the location).  Certain forms must be correctly filled out, and the person must establish that he/she has an equitable need for a license.  In other words, the person must convince a Circuit Court Judge that he/she has a hardship without a license, and needs that license to get to work, or to school, or to medical appointments, or some similar hardship.  If the Judge agrees, he/she can override the suspension and grant restricted privileges for the balance of the suspension. 

Obviously, this process is not easy, and it can be very intimidating to go it alone.  And, it’s basic legal nature to believe that judges are going to be more persuaded by attorneys presenting these hardship appeals.  So, people in desperate need of a hardship license should strongly consider consulting with a license appeals specialist…

Driver’s License Reinstatement MI – Attorney Dan Geherin

Attorney Daniel T. Geherin, owner of MiLicenseLawyer.com and author of The Michigan Drunk Driving and Driver’s License Restoration Handbook, has been handling hardship appeals and other license cases for the last two decades.  He has dedicated his career to helping put drivers back on the road following a license suspension or revocation.  He is recognized as a license appeals specialist in Ann Arbor and throughout Michigan.    In 2019 alone, he won over 40 license appeals for clients throughout Southeastern Michigan, which adds to the hundreds of appeals he has won in the last 20+years.  And, to prove that these results are legitimate, he even posts the case numbers of successful appeals on his website so that potential clients can see his extensive success. 

For a dedicated, experienced and successful license appeals attorney in Michigan, please contact Dan Geherin and his team at MiLicenseAttorney.com.  We stay on the cutting edge of license appeals laws and regulations; we know the process inside and out, and we’ll fight zealously to restore your license.  For more information, Contact Us, or call 24/7 (734) 263-2780

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