Put bluntly, the Michigan Driver’s License Appeals Process is complicated and confusing.  People who have lost their Michigan Driver’s License due to drunk driving convictions, breath tests refusals, medical reasons or even point accumulation often search for answers on how to restore their license and about the license appeals hearing process.  Every day, potential clients call with questions such as:

“What’s the difference between a Suspension and Revocation of my Michigan license?”

“When can I apply to restore my revoked or suspended Michigan license?”

“Who decides if I get back my Michigan license?”

Attorney Daniel T. Geherin, owner of MiLicenseLawyer.com and author of The Michigan Drunk Driving and Driver’s License Restoration Handbook, has been answering these and other license appeal questions for the last two decades.  He has dedicated his career to helping put drivers back on the road following a license suspension or revocation.  He is recognized as a license appeals specialist in Ann Arbor and throughout Michigan.    He has won license appeals hearings throughout the State, and boasts a 98% success rate in winning license appeals.  In the last 10 years alone, he has helped put hundreds of clients back on the road lawfully and legally.  And, to prove that these results are legitimate, he even posts the case numbers of successful appeals on his website (MiLicenseLawyer.com) so that potential clients can see his extensive success. 

Too often, clients try to “go it alone” and get back their license without an attorney.  Too often, the results are disastrous and client must wait another grueling year to try again.   Why? The Michigan Secretary of State can be a confusing, bureaucratic agency filled with red tape and gray guidelines.  Those who have lost their license often get stuck in a never-ending maze and can’t get out—-until they hire a license appeals specialist to help. 

A dedicated/specialized license appeals attorney will answer questions about the Michigan license appeals process, and can help clients navigate their way through the red tape and back to the road lawfully and legally.  Success in license appeal hearings requires a lot of hard work, dedication, attention to detail and preparation.  And, a client’s chances of success increase dramatically by using an actual license appeals specialist such as those at MiLicenseLawyer.com to guide them. 

For a dedicated, experienced and successful license appeals attorney in Michigan, please contact Dan Geherin and his team at MiLicenseAttorney.com.  We’re available 24/7, we know the process inside and out, and we’ll fight zealously to restore your license.  For more information, visit us at MiLicenseAttorney.com, or call 24/7 (734) 263-2780. 

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